Call in reservations by telephone at (989) 654-2654.

Since dates fill quickly, please be sure to call early.


Summer office hours are:

Sunday - Wednesday 8:00 am - 8:00 pm

Thursday - Saturday 8:00 am - 10:00 pm


Have the following information available:


Group name, group leader, complete address, telephone number,

date of trip, desired trip, rentals required, camping information

(group or individual sites, specific site or area number,

arrival and departure dates, types of camping units,

length of units, individual unit requirements, such as,

electricity, water, air conditioners, expandos)


A deposit of 50% down is required on all equipment rental

and camping cabin rental. No reservation date is guaranteed until

deposit is received.


Camping reservations require full payment for individual Riverside Park sites.

Group leaders are required to submit a "campers roster" list at

least 7 days prior to the arrival date. It is the leaders responsibility

to update this list as necessary. Persons not on the roster

will not be admitted into the park.


NO deposits will be accepted on group camping.

Each individual must register and pay on arrival.


Persons camping at White's Pipeline & Greenwood Campgrounds

are required to send full payment.


Deposits may be made by mailing a money order to:



    White's Canoe Livery

    400 S. Melita

    Sterling, MI 48659



or by phoning (989) 654-2654 and providing Visa, MasterCard or Discover
billing information. Both card number and expiration date are required.

White's Canoe Livery

400 S. Melita Road

Sterling, MI 48659


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